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Remember those dark days? I'm pleased to offer for sale this vintage political print in three sizes.

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during the past 40 years—here or overseas, on assignment or on vacation—one subject has consistently caught my eye:

Cats being cats.

Like athletes and dancers, cats express themselves through their bodies, communicating directly from the spirit. On occasion, I have been lucky enough to capture what they are telling us.

More than anything, as I think you'll find in the galleries on this site, cats make me laugh. And so do the occasional dog, pig, horse, turtle, iguana or homo sapien.  I will also post a few favorite landscapes and cityscapes, including an award-winning shot of the World Trade Center taken in New York Harbor in 1977.

Every once in a while, someone will tell me that my work reminds them of Elliott Erwitt's. I take that as the supreme compliment, and it's no accident. He's been a hero of mine since forever, though he's more into canines and I'm more about felines.

Almost all of my photographs are black and white. I was trained as a newspaper photographer in the days of the chemical darkroom, and have always preferred silver gelatin prints for their ability to tell a  story without the distraction of color. 

We recently digitized my negatives and am very pleased to offer you affordable, original black-and-white prints of my favorite images in a double matte. We use a high-end laser printer and archival paper.  

Each photograph is available as a signed, unframed 5x7 print in an 8x10 mat for $49 plus shipping, or as an 8x10 print in an 11x14 mat for $79. Shipping via U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail is usually $4.50 to $7.50 depending on where you are and how many prints you order, but is suspended for all domestic orders through December 31, 2008.

The Image of the Month (see box, above) is also available as an 11x14 print with a 16x20 matte unframed for $99 plus shipping.

Express Mail is extra, but i charge cost. A seven percent sales tax—the lowest rate charged in any New York community—is added only to orders shipped to a New York address. (We make up the difference between the seven percent and the rate charged in your town).

I personally title and sign each print by hand.

You'll see that several of my photos have 12-step recovery themes. That's because I also view the world through the lens of a recovering alcoholic and addict, and as a professional addictions counselor. I donate ten percent of my profits for the sale of those prints to addiction prevention and recovery causes, and ten percent of my profits from all other prints to animal rescue operations.

Take a look, drop me a line, and please subscribe to my weblog about other sites about animals that make me laugh, cry, think or otherwise engage in the mysterious process of being human.

And keep coming back. We're adding more photographs all the time.

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